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Danger! Danger! Danger! Don’t use the abortion pill
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Danger! Danger! Danger! Don’t use the abortion pill
If you surf the internet, there are a number of blogs, articles, newsletters, and websites that help you know more about abortion and guide you as well.

If you surf the internet, there are a number of blogs, articles, newsletters, and websites that help you know more about abortion and guide you as well. Some content guides you while some mislead you and it is necessary you do know all this information even before you buy abortion pills. Since some time, the studies have concluded that women, especially teens, are using the termination tablets and putting their lives in danger. Also, some women are buying abortion pills without a prescription due to which they are likely to harm themselves. 


Increase in the number of women having an incomplete abortion 

To have the desired and effective results it is necessary that you do have an idea about the process and other things that can help you know the pregnancy is terminated completely. In recent, it was noticed that women, teens, and girls are using Mifepristone and Cytotec tablets without prescription or without even seeking an opinion from a health care provider. Most maternity clinics have informed that the cases of strong or severe abdominal pain are increasing. Also, women who have severe abdominal pain had an incomplete abortion due to which women always do have incomplete abortion results. 


Patients visiting the clinic mostly complain about the severe cramping and heavy bleeding over a week and some women also do have a high fever. It is necessary for women that they do seek medical help or consult a gynaecologist to seek advice one.  There are a number of factors such as medical conditions, allergy symptoms, age, type of pregnancy, and other factors that can affect the decision of whether to use medical abortion or not.  Sometimes, using Mifepristone and Cytotec is not an option, instead of going for surgical abortion. 


The cases of incomplete abortion are increasing rapidly due to one misconception. One of the most talked misunderstandings is some women do end up using a termination tablet thinking it is a contraceptive tablet. This is one of the problems due to which women do end up using abortion pills and messing the whole process. Also, the law is violated by providing over the counter Mifepristone and Cytotec online without prescription


Complications due to incomplete abortion

Usually, when you’re recommended to have an abortion, women are guided to use Mifepristone and Cytotec tablets and it is necessary that the tablets are used only as per instructions. Women also sometimes get the abortion tablets from the local stores wherein the local pharmacist may guide you and due to having no proper knowledge you might end up following the wrong process. 


Sometimes women do end up using extra doses that lead to overdose, at times the doses get messed up and you do land in serious conditions. If Mifepristone and Cytotec are not used as guided, you do end up having an incomplete abortion or due to incomplete abortion, you do land in the below-mentioned problem:

·        Fetus do continue growing, uncertainly damaged

·        Some retained parts from the pregnancy are flushed out, but some parts do still continue to be in the uterus

·        The dead fetus still is intact in the uterus

Hence, women are recommended that they do use these hormonal tablets to get rid of the gestation. To be extra conscious, ensure that you do seek a second opinion from a gynecologist.


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